Brad KempAKA "The Wizzard", is a founding memeber of ANARCHY. He defies the man by being his own boss as a composer and producer by day and music director and teacher by night. He has composed original music for numerous shows including "The Room: The Musical" [pH Productions], "Tapped" [MCL Chicago], "Tribulation" [iO], "Pony Boy" [The Annoyance] and many more. He runs a private recording studio as head engineer/producer and is a member of Handsome Naked, a comedy rap group. Brad also teaches at The Second City and can be seen playing shows every week with The Second City's HouseCo, Baby Wants Candy, Comedy Sportz, and more. Find out more about Brad at .

Bri Fitzpatrick, like grunge, was born in Seattle, WA. She chased the rain clouds to Dublin, Ireland, where she lived for six and a half years as an ex-pat earning her theatre degree, working as an actor and teacher, and rocking out to Irish trad music. Bri is a graduate of The Second City Training Center's Conservatory, Musical Conservatory, Musical House Ensemble, and iO's improv program. But Bri is also a vagabond, and can't be pinned down, so you can catch her performing all around the city of Chicago with the likes of Baby Wants Candy, ComedySportz, Bunk 7, Storytown, Thirsty, The Greatest Story Never Told, and The Dinner Detective. She helps to shape young, rebellious minds as a teacher with The Second City and Dream Big Performing Arts and is represented by Paonessa Talent. 

Sydney Clinton is a graduate of The Second City Training Center’s Conservatory and Music Improv programs as well as the Annoyance Improv Program. She performs throughout Chicago with After Party and Buzzed Broadway: an Improvised Musical and Drinking Game. She has illustrated for The Greatest Story Never Told and is a MINt (MCL Chicago) veteran player and coach. ANARCHY class of '16!

Jean "Wild Card" Bonavita lives his life with reckless abandon. When he's not fighting the man with ANARCHY, he can be found in hospital beds throughout the country, due to his physical style of chaos. Don't worry, thanks to his many aliases he never leaves a trail. He is also a performer and director involved with many improv and sketch shows throughout the city. Rumor has it he has been spotted with MINt, Project Broadway, and The Comedy Dance Collective among others. He has not confirmed or denied those claims. "Life's a dirty game, u got 2 play dirty to win."

​​Michael Silver  is a founding member of ANARCHY. He writes, performs, and directs for theaters all over Chicago including The Second City Training Center, iO Chicago, MCL Chicago, and Stage 773.  Since graduating from Duke in 2009 he makes his paychecks as an engineer but spends most of his free time focusing on musicals and music comedy. He regularly performs with The Comedy Dance Collective, The Musical Armando, and of course ANARCHY.  He is currently cast as Rose in "Picture It" a Golden Girls Parody Musical (MCL Chicago). Michael is the Assistant Producer for the Chicago Musical Improv Festival and is working on a Comedic Musical of his own. He loves beautiful music, outrageous laughs, and a good bourbon.  

Heather Scholl is a proud native of Cincinnati, OH, where she began studying theatre and dance as a little kiddo. Heather holds a BFA in Musical Theatre and is a graduate of The Second City Training Center Conservatory and Music Conservatory programs and the iO Training Center. She can be seen performing around Chicago in the new musical Tapped, MINt Music Improv Night, After Party, and the ComedySportz house teamZephyr. Heather joined ANARCHY in 2014 and is thrilled to have an outlet for her secret rebellious side.

Amber Linde hails from the Twin Cities and moved to Chicago to pursue the arts. She is a theater graduate of Columbia College, iO, and The Second City Training Center's Music Conservatory. She is a Second City Infinite Sundaes alumni and recently spent 9 months working aboard a cruise ship for Second City Theatricals. She is a proud improv coach and teacher and believes in the power of music improv. She loves her ANARCHY cast and always in awe of Brad and Stuart's beautiful musical magic. 

Molly Todd Madison ​is a founding member of ANARCHY and has lots of sing stuff and fun time performances. Her humor shines on Second City's stage in the House Team Snapdragon and her truthful improv and musicianship shows when performing with ANARCHY. She often has schedule conflicts because shes a busy bee!  Give her a call if you'd like to chat about men with beards, she's married to one! Anyways, she's great, talented, and everyone should know her. The end.

Davyd Reddyk is half of the musical theater writing team, "Reddyk and Krupp," responsible for "The Thanksgiving Circumcision" and "Jenna Roxy and the Church of Modern Love."  In addition to MDing for ANRCHY, Davyd also musically directs numerous musical comedy groups in Chicago, including "Buzzed Broadway" and "Rhyme and Punishment." He feels a little dead inside sometimes but eats cheese curds to fill the abyss.

Charlie Baker: Anarchist. Activist. Lover of music and puppies.

Stuart Mott ​is a Chicago-based musical director of improv and sketch comedy. He began accompanying improv at ComedySportz Milwaukee and joined the ranks of ANARCHY shortly after relocating to Chicago in 2015.  He now plays regularly at The Second City Training Center, MCL Chicago, The Annoyance, and iO. He has music directed for Second City Theatricals aboard the Norwegian Dawn and Breakaway, and plays for such groups as VAMP, Buzzed Broadway, Storytown, Wavelength, Shamilton, and Baby Wants Candy. Stuart has also written original music for various sketch revues including Come As You Aren’t, SAME, and Hot Town: Dumberer in the City. He composed the score of Close to Home: A Musical X File and provided musical supervision for Toured: a Comedic Web Series. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Josiah Robinson originally hails from Texas, where he grew up, got his musical theater degree from West Texas A&M University, and rocked out as hard as he could. Now Josiah brings the heat onstage in the great city of Chicago. He can be seen doing improv, comedy, music, and theater all over, so keep an eye out. He doesn't have a website, because he doesn't want the government tracking his latest anarchic movements, so good luck finding him, ya punks.

Nick Curatolois from Chicago and has been performing most of his life. He is a graduate of The Second City Training Center's Musical Conservatory and iO's Training Center. He found his roots in rebellion by listening to punk in his adolescent years. Shout out to Operation Ivy, Rancid, and Stiff Little Fingers to name a few. When he is not with ANARCHY, he is sitting at a computer staring into the nothingness that is a desk job waiting for his Office Space moment. He plays guitar and writes songs in his free time and constantly defies the man by eating way too much ice cream. 

Mike Gospel is an improviser and actor originally from Indianapolis.  He is a graduate of the improv programs at iO and The Annoyance. When Mike isn't rocking with ANARCHY, he can be seen performing with Storytown (Stage 773) as well as on the independent teams Skrapper and J.D. Dinkleman and the NBA All-Stars. You can also catch Mike in the occasional staged musical or podcast. Improvised rock opera is the edgiest thing he does or has ever done in his entire life.